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Strategic Trade Show Campaign Resulting in a Measurable Sales Increase!

Strategic Trade Show Campaign Resulting in a Measurable Sales Increase! published on No Comments on Strategic Trade Show Campaign Resulting in a Measurable Sales Increase!

Objective: To Reinforce Logo Identity and be a Regional Leader

The objective was to to reinforce logo identity and to position their company as a knowledgeable, regional leader in the their industry.

Strategy:  A Strategic Trade Show Campaign before and during the show

Taking advantage of the Business and Industry Expo, they used an extensive array of promotional products before and during the trade show.  Before the expo, post cards served as invitations to the booth, and expo “To Do Lists” with Bic pens were distributed to other exhibitors.

A live costumed elephant character representing their brand waved outside on the main road, generating curiosity and eventually drawing attendees to the booth. Booth visitors received a wide variety of gifts: temporary tattoos, Post-it Note dispensers, T-shirts, candy jars, tote bags, and pewter elephants, to name a few.

Results:  252% Increase in Sales from Previous Year

For the two months following the trade show, sales for the client increased 252 percent over the same period for the previous year.


Marketing odds


IT’S AS EASY – AND COMPLICATED – AS 1-2-3! published on No Comments on IT’S AS EASY – AND COMPLICATED – AS 1-2-3!

Marketing odds

The true power in promotional products is not just in their keepability or getting the “envelope” opened, it’s equally (if not more so) in recognizing a concomitant dimension to dimensional marketing. That “dimension” is the all-important 1-2-3 punch of a properly developed and executed program.

During my career, I’ve seen far too many advertisers who send out one dimensional marketing mailer and…uh…that’s it. Then they wonder why their investment hasn’t paid off.

The inescapable truth is that, with few exceptions, a one-trick pony won’t win the race. A single dimensional marketing mailer might get some response, sure. But direct marketing statistics show that a follow-up piece typically produces twice the response of the first mailing…and a third in the “series” generally generates even  more.

It’s like the old adage of how to craft a speech: Tell ‘em what you’re going to tell ‘em, then tell ‘em, then review. A similar 1-2-3 philosophy applies to dimensional marketing.

Consider the game of poker. You’re playing draw poker, and you pull a hand that holds a single ace. All the other cards are disconnected and unsuited. You keep the ace, depending on how you’re reading your components, and then ask for four cards.

Or do you just fold?

One ace holds small promise, buy maybe you feel lucky.

On the other hand, what if you’re dealt three aces? Odds are that you’re holding a winning hand, and so you bet…as you should.

Welcome to professional dimensional marketing. Why would you bet on a single ace when you know that three aces can win…and in that, why would bet on just one ace when, in terms of dimensional marketing, you can increase your odds by going for and, in this case, assuring a threesome?

And hey, even a pair of aces is trumped by three deuces, eh?

Alright, there’s no way you can assure that if you draw four cards to an ace, you’ll get three of a kind. But if you hold only one ace, why would you think you can luck out and get two more aces?

In a game of 5-card draw, no skilled poker player would ever hold an ace and ask for four cards. The odds of being dealt two more aces are about the same as those for winning a Power Ball lottery.

In that respect, then, why would think that a single dimensional mailer would fill out your sales opportunity hand?

We thus come back to 1-2-3…and the dimensional marketing concept.

One promo product mailer may seem good. Yet a second and then third dimensional marketing package will, statistically speaking, do so much better for your response rate, your R.O.I., and your leads/sales success.

A 1-2-3 repetition of messaging – and with relevant dimensional marketing products – will go far to produce profitable results from your investment. A one-hit-and-done won’t generate the results you seek.

No guarantees that a single promo product mailer will or won’t work. But wouldn’t you prefer to play your marketing hand with three aces from the initial deal?


SO WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME? published on No Comments on SO WHAT’S IN IT FOR ME?

Sounds cynical, greedy, or selfish, doesn’t it?

But at one time or another, we’ve all thought or said the same thing, at least when we’ve received some kind of pitch in the mail. XYZ Company wants to show you how to save oodles on this or that, and all they want is “a few minutes” of your time. No cost, no obligation, right?

However, your time isn’t free. You have other things to do. So aside from some super-duper discount, what’s in it for you?

In other words, what’s the offer?

Yes, saving money is cool. Yet the only way you can save is if you spend, and that still impacts your wallet.

Enter dimensional marketing…and how too many advertisers drop the proverbial ball in trying to land a face-to-face with a prospective customer.

Again, it’s called the offer, and even the biggest corporate names screw up here. Goodness, I can’t count the number of letters I’ve received from a major insurance company, for example, that tout lower rates but offer me nothing except the opportunity to carve out time to be sold.

Hey, I like saving money as much as you do. But if I’m going to make time to listen to some in-person sales pitch, I want more than promises. A free and value-perceived gift helps. It may not land you the sale, but it’ll get you in the door…at least more often than just a “let me show you” will.

I mean, people are people. They like stuff, and they especially like free stuff. Your words and brochures may go in one ear and out the other end, but a tangible advertising item will hang around. And if it’s something really neat…well, you’re a people. You may throw out a flyer, but even a common coffee cup? You keep it.

Over my more than 20 years, I’ve seen far too many businesses implement a dimensional marketing program, yet pay no attention to the offer.   Then they wonder why their push failed.

Well, duh! Offer the target something they might want, and a one-time discount ain’t it. Yeah, a special price reduction is nice. But if you want to get facetime with a prospect, offer them more than just the chance to save money. Put a logo’d promo product in their hands. They may forget you and your flyers, but that dimensional whatever will hang around.

The key here is to make ‘em an offer they can’t refuse. Might be practical, like that coffee mug, or it might be whimsical, like some unusual toy. And hey, people do like toys, by the way. There’s a kid in everyone, and that kid likes to have fun. They may not like you or your company or your products, but a free yo-yo? Hmmmmmm.

You also need to remember that people are personal. It’s one thing to tell a marketing director you can help him/her make marketing dollars work. But add to that a personal freebie for the chance to meet? Different story. Or don’t you like free personal stuff?

Tired of Seeing the Same Old Journals?

Tired of Seeing the Same Old Journals? published on No Comments on Tired of Seeing the Same Old Journals?
Finally a different journal

This 4″ x 6″ sophisticated and different journal is extremely well-made with a functional design. It features a Soft PU Leatherette cover, which is soft and elegant, giving your hands a really nice feeling when touching it. You basically have 2 notebooks in one!


Give your clients and prospects something unique and memorable!

Contact us if you are interested in this item or would like something unique for your company.

Hottest New Spring Product – Fidget Spinners!

Hottest New Spring Product – Fidget Spinners! published on No Comments on Hottest New Spring Product – Fidget Spinners!

I am not joking!  This is the hottest product to hit the market in years.  Stores can’t keep them in stock. Parents are scrambling to find them.

Just one of the many styles

What are they?  Originally developed for kids with autism or attention disorders to help them concentrate. They have completely exploded into the market this spring.  Instead of tapping that pencil or clicking that pen cap…try this!

Spins Endlessly

It’s time to join the movement and get some advertising mileage!  You can have these spinners imprinted with your logo and suddenly be the most popular game in town!



By the way, they also relieve stress….





New promotional product to relieve stress!



Keep Cold Pressed Juice Pressed!

Keep Cold Pressed Juice Pressed! published on No Comments on Keep Cold Pressed Juice Pressed!
Keeps beverages fresh and nutritious with vacuum sealed technology


The patented and unique smoothie tumbler has features like no other! It is the best solution to keep your beverage fresh and nutritious . The air pump removes oxygen from your smoothie or juice and protects it from oxidizing and decomposing. The vacuum insulation and double wall stainless steel will keep your drink chilled up to 24 hours!

The “FRESH N GO” supports a healthy lifestyle and helps you enjoy quality nutrition. It literally lets you capture the best nature can provide, extends freshness, slows oxidation and prolongs nutrient life.

“FRESH N GO” has a 17oz / 500ml capacities, is 100% BPA free and leak proof. It comes with a reus-able straw and recipe booklet is also included.

Just blend your favourite smoothie or fresh juice. Pour it into the wide mouth opening, then pump the air out and enjoy!


-Vacuum insulated / dual copper plated insulation

-Double wall stainless steel

-17z / 500ml capacity

-100% BPA free

-Dishwasher safe

-Stays cold up to 24 hours

Find out more or to order this item with you logo, CONTACT US


ARE YOU A HOARDER? published on No Comments on ARE YOU A HOARDER?

Hoarding promo

Promo products aren’t free. We all know that. But the less the investment in those products is exploited, the more bottom-line expensive they become.

Years ago, I had a client in the shipping industry. They wanted to promote to prospective clients and, at the same time, promote to existing customers. I suggested, among other things, a series of dimensional mailings and follow-ups with hand-delivered items.

Boy, did I get shot down! They’d bought all kinds of promo products, they said, and none had generated leads or sales opportunities. But they hadn’t used those items. Instead, they’d kept their coffee mugs and tile coasters and pens and more locked up in a cabinet.

I’m not kidding here. They’d bought all of these promotional products, but in their mind they saw them as an expense and not a marketing investment. So there the stuff sat, gathering dust and doing nothing to promote.

Yes, it takes more than products to make promo work. It takes a program, and that’s also not free. But without a program – aka a solution – those items are little more than stored landfill. What a waste.

More to the point, though, if you do buy promo items, buy them with a promo intent in mind. Treat them like marketing tools, not Krugerrands to store in some safe.

And then don’t hoard ‘em. Use ‘em! Put ‘em out there – to your clients, your prospects, your walk-in customers, and more.

Yes, you paid for them. But if you don’t put them to work for your business, you might as well have spent your money on oceanfront property in Wyoming.

That client I mentioned? Their sales force kept screaming for promo give-aways and leave-behinds. But management wouldn’t budge. Those products cost too much, they’d say. No wonder the hoarder had such a turnover in sales staff…and struggled to build market presence.

Does any of this sound familiar? Are you guilty of treating promo products you might buy like they’re a business asset and not marketing tools? Are you, in fact, a hoarder?

Chances are you’ve said yes, if only “on occasion.” That’s O.K. You’re not alone. However, it doesn’t serve your marketing interests – or your ultimate bottom line – if you keep tangible advertising items under lock ‘n’ key.

As for stimulating leads and sales with promo items, let me close with a quick little anecdote about a computer industry company. They made subsystems for mainframes and mini computer systems (uh, are you old enough to remember those terms?).

They launched a dimensional marketing campaign that offered the targets a free pair of high-end Porsche sunglasses with the purchase of one of their subsystems. One such prospect told the company’s sales rep that he was ready to order six of the units…but only if he’d get six pairs of the sunglasses.

Did the company unlock the cabinet and give the customer the sunglasses? You betcha!

World’s Classiest Water Container

World’s Classiest Water Container published on No Comments on World’s Classiest Water Container
Matte Black with copper, gold, silver or nickel

All boundaries are broken with this incredible water container! The Liberty Canteen has no limits. It boasts all the latest features and style. The striking matte finish and distinctive design makes this canteen the most sought after drinkware product on the market! Virtually indestructible the Liberty Canteen will stand up to the most rigorous use.

Double wall, vacuum insulated technology keeps your drink cold for up to 24 hours and piping hot for up to 12 hours! The easy access durable flip top lid maintains spill proof protection. Fill up the Liberty Canteen and experience the independence of the ultimate on the go canteen.

Holds 20 oz/ 600 ml and comes with a Lifetime Warranty. It is the most sought after canteen on the market!

Comes with great retail packaging as well!

Promotional solutions with Dimensional Marketing

Do Promotional Products Turn You Off?

Do Promotional Products Turn You Off? published on No Comments on Do Promotional Products Turn You Off?

Let’s be real here. When someone talks to you about promotional products, you think of pens, coffee mugs, refrigerator magnets, and all the other cheap-o geegaws and trinkets that simply chew at your bottom line.

If you’re an advertiser (and every business is an advertiser – even if your business is selling advertising), you tend to see these give-aways as little more than giving away part of your marketing budget or net profits.

If you’re an ad agency or the like, promo products often are viewed with about the same respect you’d give a carnival sideshow hawker. Tangible advertising – and that’s what promo products are – rarely figures in the development of campaigns.

In both cases, it’s a shame. Promo products aren’t just stuff. Employed and deployed properly, they constitute dimensional marketing…and the kind of marketing that has stay-ability far more than any print ad, brochure, TV commercial, radio spot, or social media burst.

Think about it a minute.

When you read an ad in magazine or newspaper, do you cut it out and then keep it for weeks or months or even longer?

When you hear a radio spot, do you record it for playback again and again?

When you see a TV commercial, does it then it on your desk or hang on your refrigerator or otherwise simply stay around?

Of course not.

But look around your home and office. How many of those low-class advertising fuzzballs do you have…and see (and maybe even use) every day?

Pens? Coffee cups? Fridge magnets? Mouse pads? Post-It notepads? Calendars? Matchbooks? Coasters? Victorinox pocket knives? Pickle pickers?

You see, dimensional marketing products aren’t just products. They have the very real potential to be 24/7 billboards for your business. By themselves, they many not demand immediate response from a prospective customer. But they hang around, and they keep your name constantly in front of your target audience.

I don’t know about you, but for me I can’t count the number of times I’ve turned to my refrigerator to find the name and phone number of a service I’ve needed. It might be plumber or gardener or take-your-pick, and it could well be someone I’ve never called before.

But I had a need, and I remembered “some name” and then went to my fridge, only to find that business card magnet.

One of the key principles of advertising is the generation of impressions. That comes not only from the number of eyes that see or ears that hear your ads, but more form the number of times those eyes and ears receive your message. Why do you think, for example, that you see the same stupid commercial umpteen times while you’re watching TV?

Yet in terms of continuous impressions, no medium can match that of the lowly little refrigerator magnet…and that, folks, is where the power of dimensional marketing begins.

Now I’m hungry for a hot dog. Where’s my pickle picker?

Amazing Advertising Cube…a Magical and Emotional Branding Experience

Amazing Advertising Cube…a Magical and Emotional Branding Experience published on No Comments on Amazing Advertising Cube…a Magical and Emotional Branding Experience

Prestige Promotions Advertising Cube

It’s the Amazing Advertising Cube!  The Advertising Cube is a timeless and innovative promotional product tool for desk-top advertising and branding.


You immediately involve your audience with a 3D dimensional interactive story board because the cube unfolds in addictive ways to reveal a 9 to 12 custom graphics puzzle.  It engages the sense of touch as well as extremely amazing graphics for the eyes.

PrestigePrestige  Promotions QR Code Usage

Add a QR code and you can QR your cube to video… click on this link to see how…


Great for direct marketing, product launch, trade shows, introduce your new office location, use it for business presentations, educational tools, the list is endless!