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The Perfect “Thank You” for Referring Partners!

The Perfect “Thank You” for Referring Partners! published on No Comments on The Perfect “Thank You” for Referring Partners!

Objective: Thanking Referral Partners for referrals!

A company that provides comprehensive payroll services, needed a way to thank CPAs for referring payroll business to their company. In the height of tax season, they needed a reward that was simple and easy, yet valuable enough to show appreciation for their clients.

Strategy: A Branded eGift Card Reward Cards

They decided to thank CPAs by giving them branded $150 eGift Card Reward Cards. Each reward card allowed recipients to pick an online gift card to any retailer of their choice. Our extensive list of over one hundred online retailers includes everything from popular restaurants to high-end clothing stores. Each CPA now had $150 to spend at one of their favorite locations.
Branded reward cards are the easiest way to reward employees for their actions. Cards are small, lightweight, and easy to ship to multiple locations. Regardless of where the client lived, ADP was able to send them a valuable reward at a low-cost price, eliminating logistics issues. Additionally, because there are so many different online retailers to choose from, each recipient got to pick exactly what they wanted.

Results: Happy Referral Partners!

This company’s choice of using branded cards brought high value to their clients, and gave them the ability to choose a universally appealing reward of their choice. Being rewarded with $150 eGift Cards made tax season a little more bearable!

Getting in Front of C-Level Executives

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Objective: Getting in front of C-Level Executives


A financial software package company wanted to build company and product awareness among CFOs of large, multi-national organizations in North America and to secure appointments.

Strategy:  Unusual Gifts with the “smile factor” to a Top Executives

The company targeted a group of 70 top level executives with objective of encouraging the use of its financial software.  To accomplish their objective they sent out two very unusual gifts.

First, strait jackets were hand-delivered or couriered to prospects in custom packaging with the theme “Most CFOs Don’t Realize How Constraining Their Financial Software Can Be Until It’s Too Late.”  Other selected prospects received a large box containing the full-size hammock and attached pillow accompanied by the message “When Making Changes To Accommodate Your Growing Business Needs, Does Your Financial Software Leave You Hanging?”  Each mailing also included a full-color brochure explaining the advertiser’s software packages.

Results:  Incredible ROI!:

The company landed one large firm that gave them an incredible ROI of $2 million dollars!

Strategic Trade Show Campaign Resulting in a Measurable Sales Increase!

Strategic Trade Show Campaign Resulting in a Measurable Sales Increase! published on No Comments on Strategic Trade Show Campaign Resulting in a Measurable Sales Increase!

Objective: To Reinforce Logo Identity and be a Regional Leader

The objective was to to reinforce logo identity and to position their company as a knowledgeable, regional leader in the their industry.

Strategy:  A Strategic Trade Show Campaign before and during the show

Taking advantage of the Business and Industry Expo, they used an extensive array of promotional products before and during the trade show.  Before the expo, post cards served as invitations to the booth, and expo “To Do Lists” with Bic pens were distributed to other exhibitors.

A live costumed elephant character representing their brand waved outside on the main road, generating curiosity and eventually drawing attendees to the booth. Booth visitors received a wide variety of gifts: temporary tattoos, Post-it Note dispensers, T-shirts, candy jars, tote bags, and pewter elephants, to name a few.

Results:  252% Increase in Sales from Previous Year

For the two months following the trade show, sales for the client increased 252 percent over the same period for the previous year.


Thwart a Threatened Hostile Takeover

Thwart a Threatened Hostile Takeover published on No Comments on Thwart a Threatened Hostile Takeover

Case Study-Hostile Takeover

A British Columbia credit union was threatening a hostile takeover. First Heritage decided to try to round up member awareness and support to block the attempt. The theme of the program was, “No Means Never Having To Say You’re Surrey” (the name of the takeover group).

First Heritage handed out white cowboy hats (for the “good guys”), buttons, bumper stickers, hand fans, sweatshirts, decals, and balloons at the branches and at a general meeting of members. The promotion was further supported by newspaper, radio, and direct mail advertising.

The detailed coordination of themed promo products and print, broadcast, and mail in this award- winning campaign points to the power of dimensional marketing, especially when coupled with conventional ad media…which just doesn’t have the “staying” strength of promotional items!

Takeover was rejected
with 98% nay votes!!